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SWPPP Compliance Assurance Plan Components (CAP)

We’ll provide you with a Request for Information (RFI) asking for the information required to complete your filing. On receipt of the information we’ll kick off the documentation process for your project. Then, we’ll:

  • Complete the APDES Notice Of Intent (NOI) for your site and file it electronically on your behalf..

  • Determine the identity of, and make the proper written notification to, the MS4 in whose jurisdiction your site is located.

  • Identify receiving waters and a variety of other important data related to your site.

  • Complete the SWPPP and set up the project site binder and record keeping system

  • Provide and install purpose-specific SWPPP posting signage at the entrance to your site.

  • Provide and install other SWPPP signage as needed, including signs at construction exits and concrete washouts to encourage SWPPP awareness and compliance by subcontractors.

  • Provide SWPPP information and training on request for general contractor and subcontractor personnel at the pre-construction meetings or other gatherings.

  • At your request we can have our qualified inspectors conduct weekly or bi-weekly SWPPP compliance inspections on the 7-14 day cycle meeting APDES regulations.

  • Record the findings of compliance inspections in the jobsite SWPPP record keeping system and certify them. We’ll also e-mail a copy to the Project Manager or other party if you’d like.

  • Amend the jobsite SWPPP as necessary to reflect ongoing changes and alterations as construction progresses, to meet APDES ‘living document’ requirements

  • Monitor and provide advice on APDES compliance related issues and challenges throughout the site as they develop.

  • Provide communication to the jobsite Superintendent (and Project Manager if desired), with regard to compliance status and action items required as they arise.

  • Be on call to provide support and mediation in conversations with regulatory compliance officers

  • Complete your Notice Of Termination after final stabilization for your construction sites, whether they are single or multiple phase projects.

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