The LIFEPAK CR Plus AED is uniquely designed for use by laypersons with little to no formal AED training. It’s ideal for both public and commercial settings where the first person to respond to a Sudden Cardiac Arrest event will often lack medical foreknowledge. Its water resistant and lightweight design, coupled with the newest ADAPTIV biphasic technology that automatically adjusts voltage based on each victim’s specific defibrillation needs, make it an optimal choice for high-traffic areas. It additionally has the capability to escalate the energy delivered to a market-leading 360 joules if necessary.


Fully Automatic AED, the AED will read a victim’s underlying heart rhythm and if they have a shockable rhythm, the AED will tell the rescuer to “Stand Clear” and will administer a shock automatically to the victim. (An AED will NOT shock an individual if they do not need it .)

LIFEPAK CR Plus AED Kit Fully automatic AHA voice prompt

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