Lost Card?

After an official AHA class, you are given an e-card (some paper copies are still in circulation).   If you took the class from CPR Alaska we issued this card to you directly.  You are in possession of this card and there are no copies.

If you lost your card or it was stolen, it is your responsibility to get your own replacement card.  Please note that this webpage site is only for those who took a class in Alaska with CPR Alaska.   If you took the class somewhere else, you must contact that training site or center and instructor.

To get a new card, You must supply the date, time and location and training site or center where you took your class.  Again, before you call or email the our center, have all of your information ready to send to them.










How to get a replacement card:

Have all your information about your previous class ready to go and then contact the site directly or contact us:

Phone number (call/text): (907) 406-3834
Email: info@alaskacprtraining.com
Website:  www.alaskacprtraining.com

Yes, there is a fee.  There is a $25.00 fee per card for all cards.

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